• Wolverine133
    ==wolverine is indestructible. He can regenerate and has the worlds deadliest weapons on his side. Lobo on the other hand has superman’s strength and smell, he can regenerate but is not immortal, and can live in outerspace because he doesn’t need oxygen. Lobo is just a rip off of wolverine!!!(aside from the part about superstrength and no need of oxygen…) Logan and him would get into and eventually someone would win. The victor of course would be wolverine because again once he gets a few hits on Lobo the battle is going to get slower and less paced and then wolverine will end it with a decapitation… I like Lobo but the original is always better. Kinda of like Wolverine VS Deadpool. Wolverine was first to have the claws so deadpool was going to die inevitably. Though Lobo is cool and very insane Wolverine would show Lobo the fight of his life! lobo is immortal the fight would go on for centuries with the odd break for a beer but Wolverine is awesome, and his healing factor would increase, thus giving Wolverine the edge. But I think if its just a knock out fight and not a fight to death Wolverine would win, as Lobo is just a brawler, Wolverine is trained up in many styles of fighting. But to death Wolverine takes it. Unless Wolverine somehow manages to be asleep while Lobo is attacking him.==
  • Some Lobo fanboys clearly haven't read up on Wolverine's abilities and don't realize there's nothing Lobo can really do to Wolverine.
  • Has no idea what Wolverine can actually do...Lobo would die painfully...Wolverine has a better healing factor, is vastly stronger and faster. He would get absolutely wrecked by Wolverine.
  • While Wolverine defeated Lobo in the crossover comic, remember, the fact is that Wolverine is flat out better then Lobo, and all Lobo fanboys can do is cry about it. Therefore no facts were used. Now, to be factual, Wolverine would win, he is a straight up beast. Lobo's healing factor, unlike Wolverine, Lobo can still die, and if the brain parts are to be considered valid, Wolverine's claws can go through the passage from the chin to the brain. Wolverine beats Lobo when it comes to strength, durability and possibly even intelligence. While Wolverine does have a better healing factor, he still beats the snot out of Lobo. Wolverine beats Lobo easily. End of discussion. Class dismissed.