Thanos vs darkseid

Thanos vs. Darkseid is a fight between DC's Darkseid and Marvel's Thanos.


Thanos wields:

  • Able to breathe underwear space

Farts like a big fat baby Is an idiot Dumb Stupid

Darkseid wields:

  • Omega Beams
  • Omega Sanction
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Able to breathe under water and in space
  • Avatar Creation
  • Has incredible durability
  • Has army of henchmen
  • Wields Anti Life Equation and Mother Boxes


Durability: darkseid

Darkseid can beat Thanos in his sleep.

Intelligence: darkseid

darkseid plays chess while Thanos plays checkers.

Strength: darkseid

darkseid is way stronger and has the mother boxes . Darkseid smashes Thanos easily.

Who I think would winEdit

Darkseid is smarter and all plus Thanos is also a carbon copy of darkseid so I fell darkseid would win

Who do you think would win? Comment below!

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